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Peroni (Italy)

a golden lager with a slightly bitter taste and a clean, smooth finish
Plain Rs. 490

Hoegaarden White (Belgium)

the creamy belgian wheat beer hits a home run with its hints of orange peel, coriander and spice
Plain Rs. 500

Stella Artois (Belgium)

this six-century-old belgian brew comes with a whole set of pouring rituals and a chalice but the light, full-bodied taste is worth it. nobody does it quite like the belgians
Plain Rs. 525

Kingfisher (India)

a light tasting, easy drinking beer with plenty of malt
330ml Rs. 270 650ml Rs. 390

Kingfisher Blue (India)

fresh, clear and crisp premium beer with a strong palate
330ml Rs. 265

Kingfisher Ultra (India)

smooth super premium beer with a full body and great after taste. kingfisher ultra is made from the finest imported malt and hops, making it smooth and extremely refreshing
330ml Rs. 310

Kingfisher Draught (India)

medium-bodied and dry, kingfisher draught has a decent balance of malt and hops
Mug Rs. 265 Pitcher Rs. 880

Heineken (India)

the toasted maltiness and mild fruitiness of this pale gold lager makes it a staple at boys nights
Plain Rs. 325

Corona (Mexico)

plain Rs. 500