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  • Soups, Salads, Sandwiches & Desserts
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Fresh Fruit Juices

watermelon, sweetlime,orange and pineapple
Plain Rs. 200 orange Rs. 250

Chilled Juices

mango, cranberry and tomato
Plain Rs. 150

Detox Juice

carrot and parsley / celery and mixed fruit / fresh mint, beetroot and ginger
Plain Rs. 210

Hot Chocolate

consumed throughout the world in different ways, from the very thick cioccolata densa served in Italy to the thinner hot cocoa in the united states, we serve it rich and creamy, piping hot
Plain Rs. 210

Iced Teas

home made tea brew - had best either plain or flavored with lime
plain, lemon Rs. 180

Cold Coffee

our own inhouse blend made using aromatic instant coffee, dollop of ice-cream blended with pasturised milk
Plain Rs. 180

Fresh Lemonade

sweet, simple and lemony - made with fresh and natural ingredients
Plain Rs. 135

Yoghurt Smoothies

vanilla / mango / basil / pineapple - yoghurt based smoothies blended using low fat yoghurt, fresh fruits and natural ingredients and to top it all we sweeten it with honey
Plain Rs. 180


our very own home blends, in flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate
Plain Rs. 180

Coke / Sprite / Fanta

aerated drink
Plain Rs. 150


packaged mineral water
1000ml Rs. 120

Coke Float

coke with a difference! a frothy non-alcoholic, creamy delight for all ages, anytime of the day!
Plain Rs. 175

Packaged Drinking Water

naturally carbonated / sparkling water, bottled from a spring in vergèze, france
1000ml Rs. 120

Mineral Water

packaged mineral water - untouched by human hands, unprocessed and has a unique taste acquired over years of filtration
500ml Rs. 85 1000ml Rs. 150

Red Bull Energy Drink

an energy drink that gives wings to people who want to be mentally and physically active and have a zest for life.
Plain Rs. 280


cranberry strawberry / kiwi strawberry
Plain Rs. 280

Red Bull Suger Free Drink

aerated drink
plain Rs. 750

Diet Coke

low calories aerated drink
plain Rs. 150

Fresh Fruit Iced Teas

fresh fruit iced teas made using fruits - lychee, peach and pineapple
plain Rs. 200