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Cocktails & Mocktails

Mocktail - Virgin Colada

pina colada without rum
Plain Rs. 265

Mocktail - Tropical Storm

orange juice, kiwi, banana and strawberry
Plain Rs. 230

Mocktail - Peach Fizz

peach and apricot flavoured lemonade
Plain Rs. 265

Mocktail - Fruit Punch

orange, pineapple, grenadine, ice cream
Plain Rs. 265

Mocktail - Cranberry Cooler

cranberry juice & grenadine topped with sprite
Plain Rs. 265

Mocktail - Virgin Mojito

lime and mint muddled with demerara sugar and topped with a splash of sprite
Plain Rs. 265

Mocktail - Mango Magic

mango juice, rose syrup, vanilla ice-cream
Plain Rs. 230

Wine Cocktail - Bellini

peach nectar, sparkling wine. other flavours: strawberry / lychee & rose petal / green apple
Plain Rs. 860

Wine Cocktail - Kir Royal

crème de cassis with sparkling wine
Plain Rs. 990

Wine Cocktail - Spicy Sangria

brandy, red wine, martini rosso, fresh fruits, spiced with fresh ginger & ginger ale
glass Rs. 635 pitcher Rs. 2750

Wine Cocktail - White Wine Piccante

a lightly spiced white wine cocktail
Plain Rs. 780

Wine Cocktail - Fruity Rosso

pomegranate, cranberry juice and red wine
Plain Rs. 780

Wine Cocktail - Apple And Coriander Sangria

lightly shaken apple & white wine cocktail
glass Rs. 780 pitcher Rs. 3300

Wine Cocktail - Sun-Gria!

a gentle blend of fresh orange & red wine
glass Rs. 635 pitcher Rs. 2750

After Dinner - Café Romana

sambuca, kahlua and cream
Plain Rs. 760

After Dinner - Espresso Martini

vanilla vodka, espresso and crème de cacao
Plain Rs. 760

After Dinner - Irish Coffee

traditional irish whiskey, coffee, cream
Plain Rs. 875

Classics - Martini

gin and dry vermouth, stirred or shaken
Plain Rs. 735

Classics - Lychee And Rose Petal Martini

vodka shaken with lychee and rose petal
Plain Rs. 590

Classics - Apple And Melon Martini

apple vodka, midori melon shaken with sweet and sour mix
Plain Rs. 650

Classics - Spiced Chai Martini

vodka, sweet & spiced black chai blend, shaken together
Plain Rs. 590

Classics - Margarita (Flavoured and Frozen)

tequila, triple sec & lime juice, with: plain, strawberry, kiwi, peach
Plain Rs. 760 strawberry Rs. 740 peach Rs. 740 kiwi Rs. 740

Classics - Cosmopolitan

vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime
Plain Rs. 645

Classics - Bloody Mary

vodka and a special vegetable juice blend
Plain Rs. 645

Classics - Pina Colada

bacardi, malibu, pineapple juice and coconut ice-cream
Plain Rs. 645

Classics - Long Island Iced Tea

all the white spirits with cola and sour mix
Plain Rs. 655

Classics - Caipiroska

vodka, fresh lime & mint muddled with demerara sugar
Plain Rs. 645

Classics - Mojito And Flavoured Mojitos

fresh lime and mint muddled with demerara sugar, topped with bacardi flavours: raspberry or lemon
Plain Rs. 585

Shooters - B-52

layers of kahlua, baileys and cointreau
Plain Rs. 735

Shooters - Raz-ma-tazz

bacardi and raspberry
Plain Rs. 485

Shooters - Jagerbomb

jagermeister and red bull
Plain Rs. 735

Shooters - Alabama Slammer

southern comfort, amaretto and gin
Plain Rs. 610

Shooters - Brave Bull

tequila and kahlua
Plain Rs. 540

Shooters - Pain Killer

jagermeister and citrus vodka
Plain Rs. 540

Shooters - The Sun Burn

sambuca and blue curacao with mint
Plain Rs. 690

Shooters - Melon Ball

vodka and midori melon
Plain Rs. 470
Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

sparkling wine, aperol, splash of soda, ice and half a slice of orange.
plain Rs. 990
Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar  

we boast an array of wine based cocktails from bellini to sun-gria
Onwards Rs. 660

Wine Cocktail - Pinky Royal

pinky vodka topped with sparkling wine
plain Rs. 990

Wine Cocktail - Pinky Vs Merlot

pinky vodka blended with merlot syrup
plain Rs. 780

Classics - Beau Jardin

pinky vodka shaken with fresh rosemary
plain Rs. 690

Mocktail - Berry Cola

strawberry crush, lime Juice, coke and crushed ice
Plain Rs. 265

Mocktail - Bahama Mama

guava juice, mint syrup, orange juice and crushed ice
Plain Rs. 265

Shooters - Brain Hemorrhage

peach schnapps, baileys and a drop of grenadine syrup
plain Rs. 650

Shooters - Kamakazi

vodka, blue curacao with dash of lime juice
Plain Rs. 525

Shooters - Blue Fire

sambuca and blue curacao
Plain Rs. 650

Shooters - After 21

tia maria, baileys and peppermint
plain Rs. 650

Classics - Blue Lagoon

vodka with blue curacao, topped with soda and sprite
plain Rs. 645

Classics - Sex On The Beach

vodka, peach, schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice
plain Rs. 650

Classics - Tequilla Sunrise

tequila & grenadine topped with orange juice
plain Rs. 650

Classics - Negroni

campari spiked with gin and sweet vermouth
plain Rs. 645

Classics - Black Russian

vodka combine with kahlua
plain Rs. 650

Classics - Carribean Martini

vodka shaken with malibu and apple juice
plain Rs. 650

Classics - Bull Frog

vodka, rum, gin, blue curacao topped with red bull
plain Rs. 650