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short bread with fresh mozzarella, wilted spinach, roasted tomato, evoo, red wine vinegar and sweet basil
Plain Rs. 310

Traditional Bruschetta

  freshly baked bread with garlic butter and italian parsley
Plain Rs. 210 with mozarella Rs. 275

Formaggio Fritto

  golden fried cutlet of breaded cheese, with peperonata, rocket leaves and pesto of sundried tomatoes
plain Rs. 345

Paprika Potatoes

  golden fried potato wedges dressed in garlic, chili flakes and herbs
plain Rs. 295

Jalapeno Cheese Poppers

  batter fried jalapenos with cream cheese
plain Rs. 435

Pollo Grande

  chicken wings in original cayenne pepper served with hot garlic sauce
Six Rs. 315 Twelve Rs. 585

Scampi E Avocado

  grilled garlic prawns, served with salsa of avocado, cocktail sauce and wrapped lemon
plain Rs. 545

Calamari Fritti

  polenta crusted golden fried calamari, served with spicy marinara sauce
plain Rs. 405 plain Rs. 445 plain Rs. 405

Spicy Chicken Melt

  chicken and cheddar baked on rustic bread
plain Rs. 397

Bruschetta al Pomodoro

  toasted flatbread with plum tomatoes, red onion, basil in evoo and balsamic reduction
plain Rs. 335